The solar power sector continues to drive the addition of renewable energy capacity in the country. Also, rooftop solar capacity is in the verge of crossing the 1GW mark during this fiscal.

German auto maker Daimler will power its truck and bus manufacturing factory using renewable energy from next year.

With 8.8 GW of projected capacity addition (growth of 76 per cent over 2016) in 2017, India is set to become the third largest solar PV market, overtaking Japan, according to a report by solar ener

1,750 MW solar power added to the grid against 1,305 MW wind energy

Rooftop solar market struggling to take off in India

Tamil Nadu has now reached Number One position in solar power capacity addition.

The 2015 global renewable energy development had a strong Indian flavour to it, with India being ranked among the top five nations in new investments, and in the top four as regards creating jobs i

In a year that witnessed significant progress in solar power in the country, Tamil Nadu topped the capacity addition table, surpassing leading States such as Gujarat and Rajasthan in 2015-16.