It might not be the panacea for all of India

All thermal power plants of 500 mw and above and hydro power plants of 250 MW and above will be allowed to connect to inter-state transmission lines so that they can sell power under

Even as the first tranche of imported nuclear fuel is set to be used for the Rajasthan atomic power station, there is already a turf battle underway on who should regulate the tariffs.

It started out as an exercise to remove hurdles in

As India gears up for general elections, Political parties will find it hard to explain to their voters a phenomenon that is set to unfold. There seems to be no solution to the acute shortage of fuels that threatens to cripple power generation in the country.

The mining industry is going through a turbulent phase.

The ministry of mines and the ministry of steel are at loggerheads over a proposal to hike export duty on iron ore from 15 per cent to 20 per cent. The 15-per cent duty itself was imposed just this June as part of the fiscal package to restrict the export of iron ore and ease domestic prices.

India is unlikely to open up nuclear power for the private sector

No sooner had the Nuclear Suppliers Group approved India-specific waivers than the private sector announced a number of projects. But this enthusiasm may be short-lived as India does not allow the private sector in nuclear power, keeping the domain strictly for Nuclear Power Corporation of India (NPCIL).

For five decades, India had only one power equipment manufacturer