Some cities in the State are experiencing alarming levels of air pollution.

More than 4000 people lost their lives in road accidents during last year in Haryana, where nearly 1,200 accidents prone sites have been identified by the State Government.

A flock of threatened vulture species — Himalayan Griffon (Gyps himalayensis) — has been spotted at Kalatop Khajjiar Wildlife Sanctuary in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh by a team of researche

There seems to be no end to UT Science and Technology Department’s woes in the execution of ambitious solar power projects.

After its catastrophic decline, the vulture population seems to be slowly stabilising in various parts of this region.

The population of water birds is declining in the wetland habitats of Punjab.

Rush hour gridlocks, haphazard parking of vehicles on the roadsides, ever-increasing levels of hazardous air pollution and traffic bottlenecks.