This paper mainly deals with the measurement of air quality by observing the concentration of pollutants in the atmosphere namely suspended particulate matter, NOx and SO2 at five different selected locations in Lucknow city. The locations for the study have been chosen on the basis of land use pattern. Each pollutant has been observed by 12 hours from 8:00 to 20:00 hours. According to air quality scale, the air quality status has been measured at each location and zone. From the study it is found that the residential zone has highest air quality index in comparison to other zones.

Cities are for people but trends of development in transportation infrastructure within the city have prioritized vehicles over pedestrian. Even due to road tax policies vehicles edge out pedestrian from road space. Here the paper support for developing pedestrian infrastructure and providing safe, secure and convenient pedestrian infrastructure for true owners of city: ‘the people’. The parameters are identified to evaluate the walkability index of Lucknow city.