Nowadays ultrafiltration (UF) technology is also available, but the question is, to which extent and how cost effectively can it address the SWRO pretreatment need. Hence, the question is to which extent do market needs and technology capabilities match.

The Leopold Clari-DAF system is a proven, highly effective method of removing turbidity, insoluble metals (iron, manganese, arsenic), algae, color, taste and odor, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other low-density particulates from water. Its peformance is superior to gravity sedimentation in providing consistent quality effluent, producing consistently high sludge solids, and operating at high loading rates-results that can lower the total cost of operation.

More than 500 plants around the globe have so far been equipped with the patented technology and the projects that rely on this German-made ultrafiltration technology are steadily increasing in size and spreading across the world.

A spiral wound membrane is a unique configuration that provides excellent structural integrity. The design is completely rigid, and no stress is placed on the membrane surface.

Anaerobic digestion offers a unique treatment option for the dairy industry. Not only does anaerobic digestion reduce the COD of an effluent, but little microbial biomass is produced.

Global Water Engineering (GWE) has partnered with Chokyuenyong Industrial in Thailand to cut effluent COD pollution levels at its cassava production plant by more than 95% while extracting gas from its wastewater to power its boilers and generate electricity for its own use and to sell back to the provincial grid.

This article discusses some of the techniques for handling sludge including: sludge thickening, sludge conditioning, sludge dewatering, sludge digestion and sludge storage.

The treatment techniques used to treating wastewater are based on the knowledge and design application of the treatment process required. This varies depending on the kind of wastewater being treated.

In the textile knitwear manufacturing city of Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu, the ZLD project in their CETPs was propelled by a judicial directive and launched with great expectations way back in 2005.

This article discusses the various applications of Brine Concentrators and Crystallizers as they apply to Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) heavy oil recovery produced water treatment.