Jajmau district of Uttar Pradesh is reeling under acute water scarcity. People here are not getting even 10% of the required water for their basic

Due to Water crisis and pollution Kanpur city has been included in 'Water Asia' programme, which was started to sort out the problems related to water and pollution in all the countries of Asia. In a

Uttar Pradesh's 30% Development blocks are facing the problem of groundwater depletion. At present the western districts are facing the crisis, but 10 districts along Kanpur and Lucknow are also

To make the environment pollution free for the people, the government has showed green signal for gas driven tempos. Very soon 800 tempos will run on Kanpur roads. Scooter India has been directed to

To control the vehicular pollution it has been made mandatory for the 'A' and 'B' level garages to have pollution checking machines in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. This was disclosed by the Transport

To reduce the Kanpur city from pollution, a master plan has been chalked out in which CNG tempos have been introduced. Generator-run and other pollution spreading tempos will be banned.

In Lucknow, some small industries in the industrial area do not use sewage treatment plant. To avoid the cost for such a plant and also to escape from the atrocities of pollution, they have opted for

Adulterated milk being supplied by the villages to Kanpur city is found to be adulterated by harmful chemicals like formalin .Medical specialists warn that this may affect the health of the people

The Air, soil and water have reached heights in terms of pollution in Uttar Pradesh. Every year around 64 lakh due to water pollution, 25 lakh due to air pollution and 4.12 lakh due to vehicular

In order to get rid of Kanpur city's pollution the Kanpur Development Authority is planning to plant some special plants which help in reducing pollution. The Forest Department will work with the KDA