Due to lack of cleanliness, in Juhi in Kanpur, and surrounding areas diarrhoea is spreading. Dozens of people have been suffering from it.

Uttar Pradesh Government has ordered 48 more pollution creating tanneries. Action is being taken against 18 tanneries which do not have treatment plants. Few days back 7 tanneries were sealed due to

Energy Minster Ramvir Upadhaya said that the Energy sector will not be privatised. He even declared that a new power house to be constructed in Paricha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Due to complaints of pollution spread by the factories in industrial units, in Kanpur, the district administrator Arvind Kumar has ordered the Pollution Control Board to look into the matter and

One and a half year old son of Mohammad Aslam, living in Shaukat Ali Park, Kanpur, got vaccinated with polio drops five times. But still he contracted with the disease. This has been clarified by the

Three days back half dozen deers were killed in Lonar, in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh. The case was yet to be solved and again five more deers have been killed and consumed by the villagers in

The increasing environmental pollution has become a big problem and is affecting the lungs. Exercises have become necessary in order to keep the lungs fit. A health fair was organized by Indian

Half dozen endangered and shy natured deers were killed in Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh. This has shaken the wildlife activists. The villagers are constantly killing the deers and the forest

After eating adulterated mustard oil in Chibramau, Uttar Pradesh, dropsy disease has started showing its effect. Due to this, one woman died in Teacher's colony. She was being treated in Hallet

Nilgais which damage the crops, now can be killed in Kanpur. For this, the green signal has been given by the administration. District Administrator, Arvind Kumar said killing the Nilgais is not a