The Water resources department in Kanpur have revealed in a survey conducted by them that in about half a dozen places in Kanpur, bacteria has been found in drinking water. Due to drinking of this

The Uttar Pradesh state government has put a strict ban on the sale of pouches of water. ADM of Kanpur city, told that anyone caught selling these pouches will be strictly punished. These pouches

Minister of state for rural and urban development, Satish Mahana, has given a deadline of 7th April, to the pollution control authorities in order to stop the release of coloured water in Ganga

Central Surface Transport Ministry has decided to construct a two lane road of 7 kms stretch instead of four lane in Raniya, Kanpur. Everyday 4 lakh litre water laced with chemicals flows from the

Due to use of chemical colours during Holi about dozen people have spoiled their eyes. Of them seven were admitted in Madjuraj Nursing Home in Kanpur and others are getting treatment at

The report by IIT, Kanpur, on poisonous drinking water being supplied in Wajidpur and Shekhpur villages of Uttar Pradesh is stunning. This water is spreading diseases like cancer, kidney and brain

Kali River flowing from the corner of Kalagadh, Kanpur, has made the waters of Ganga river black. The waste water from the wine factories and the effluents of the sugar mills on the banks of the

Generally chickenpox does'nt spread in winters but it has spread in some slums of Kanpur. Chief Medical Officer, Dr NBL Srivastava, of the health department in Kanpur, has cautioned about the spread

In Kanpur, 13% AIDS patients got infected due the contaminated blood that was given to the patients during blood transfusion. This came forward during a survey in Medical college. Of the 60 patients

According to a report by Ganesh Shankar Vidhyarthee Smarak Medical College, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, only 4 AIDS patients got admitted in 1996 in the medical college. But this year the number has risen