The enactment of President Bill Clinton's ambitious new social policy agenda depends in large part on a projected $65.5bn extra revenue from the tobacco industry over the next five

Scientists believe the UK government may be delaying a report on diet and cancer because its findings on red meat do not back up controversial official advice to cut

Steps to contain the outbreak of classical swine fever in Lower Saxony, Germany, appear to have succeeded and officials have lifted most of the movement restrictions in the

Asarco, the mining group has reached a $56.3m voluntary agreement with the US Environmental Protection Agency on a broad range of environmental issues affecting its 38 US operations. The company

The UK government faces compensation bill approaching $1.6bn after British Coal lost a land mark High Court case brought by six former miners suffering from respiratory diseases caused by coal

Brazil has passed a new law concerning donating organs, which has come into operation at the beginning of the year. The law, which is designed to increase the number of organs available for surgery,

The US and Latin American banana producers told the European Union that initial proposals for changing its banana import regime to comply with a World Trade Organisation ruling were not

The "common denominator" in most US food safety disputes with the EU is that food import bans are based on European politics rather than scientific evidence, according to a senior US official Peter

A controversial scheme to start a $300m plant for processing plutonium into nuclear fuel at British Nuclear Fuel's Sellafield complex in north-west England moved closer to winning approval from the

The Alaskan fishing industry is suffering after a mysterious drop in the salmon harvest, and the incomes of some fisherman have collapsed. Half of the anticipated 1997 sockye salmon harvest failed to