Papua New Guinea's government said it would overhaul its drought relief efforts, after Australian experts claimed official incompetance was worsening the severity of the country's

Scotland's salmon industry is being accused of stripping bare the wild sea trout : a

A yoghurt was invented by Scottish biotechnology company Scotia. It tastes like ordinary yoghurt, but has a component, called Olibra, that makes the eater feel full. It works, says Scotia, by

The US government should raise tobacco prices by at least $2 a pack, to strengthen the Food and Drug Administration's authority to regulate nicotine and ensure that trade policies do not undermine

Brown and Williamson Tobacco, a US subsidiary of Britain's BAT Industries, has defended its role in an alleged conspiracy to produce high-nicotine tobacco, saying it never intended to use the tobacco

Scottish salmon farmers have launched an initiative to reduce the damage caused by sea lice, which infest salmon in the floating cages where they are reared and reduce output. The farmers are being

The Czech government is to make radical changes in the management of CEZ, the state electricity company, because of concern over fresh delays in the construction of a nuclear reactor which seeks to

Starch is the largest single energy source in the human diet. So a discovery at Oxford University of a way to increase the starch content of crops such as potato, maize and rice could have

Many leaders support the widespread view among the general public that industrial and business practices should be more environmentally friendly, ethical and more sustainable. But how do they make

The UK government signalled the effective introduction of health authority league tables when it announced the introduction this year of a national annual opinion audit of up to 100,000 national