Four months ago, the Mexican state was in flames as fires roared through virgin rainforests after a long drought. Now, at least 180 people have died and hundreds are believed missing after floods and

A British company is about to start a project backed by the European Union to build an "underwater windmill" that will test whether the power of the sea can provide an environmentally-friendly answer

UK tobacco companies are to mount a legal challenge to the European Union ban on tobacco advertising. The Tobacco Manufacturer's Association will announce plans to appeal to the European Court

The American Cancer Society launched its national anti-tobacco advertising campaign as part of a new no-holds barred approach to stop people smoking. The new generaton of television commercials is

Portugal has been asked to provide a full explaination to the European Commission, the European Union's executive, after an alarming rise in outbreaks of BSE or "mad cow

The announcement last week that bacteria of a strain associated with chest infections could be found in the brains of Alzheimer's disease raised pulse rates in the world of medical research. If the

French scientists have designed a "solar carpet" that fits beneath vines and helps grapes ripen. The covering known as "solid smoke" is made from materials such as silica and

The International Seabed Authority, the UN agency responsible for administering the Law of the Sea treaty, has started discussions on a code to govern the recovery of minerals from the international

Amsterdam's Schipol airport may have to close for several weeks at the end of this year to meet environmental noise limits, gounding much of the Dutch aircraft fleet, a Dutch government official

Adidas-Saloman said an internal investigation had found no evidence that sub-contractors had used prison labour in China to produce footballs. The German sports goods company suspended orders for