Scientists in the US have revealed "the strongest link yet" between heart diseases and a bacteria that causes pneumonia. A study, reported in Circulation, the Journal of the American Heart

Citizens of Chelyabinsk - population 1.5m - operate the Mayak nuclear plant which is the largest of its kind in Russia and which built the first Soviet bomb. The nuclear complex, hurriedly built

The British countryside is under threat from the collapse in farm incomes, according to the National Farmer's Union and leading environmental groups. Numbers of rare flowers, birds and butterflies

The Health and Safety Commission of UK is to publish a consultation paper proposing the banning of the supply, use and importationof white asbestos from

Hospital patients could die because of slippage in the UK government's drive to tackle the millennium bomb, MPs on the Commons public accounts committee will claim soon. A report by the committee

Environmental organisations yesterday gathered outside the World Bank to protest against its proposed investment in an oil pipeline in Chad and Cameroon which would be the largest construction

A hearing implant that relies on magnetic rather than acoustic vibrations promises to overcome many of the problems with traditional hearing aids. Researchers at the University of Virginia are

Research into a potential cancer vaccine has given encouraging initial results, Powderject Pharmaceuticals said. Its scientific collaborators at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in the US

Hopewell Holdings, the Hong Kong based infrastructure group, issued a force majeure notice to safeguard its US$620m investment in its Indonesia power project, Tanjung Jati B. Work will cease on the

Proposals were launched to turn Britain's most controversial housing development into a testbed for environmentally friendly growth in the next century, matching the creativity that produced the