The UK government should admit defeat in the battle against coastal erosion and abandon low-lying farmland to the sea, according to a committee of MPs. In a report on flood and coastal defence, the

A "bioartificial liver" based on pig liver cells, is set to go into late phase clinical trials in the US and Europe over the next two months. The HepatAssist Liver Support System is designed to

The partners in the first foreign exploratory project in Azerbaijan are dealing with a multi-million dollar question. Should they drill an expensive third exploratory well in their offshore Karabakh

An international consortium has won a tender for the second $5.44m stage of renovating the concrete and steel sarcophagus covering the ruined reactor at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The project

One man was jailed and penalties totalling 98,000 pounds were imposed after a court heard how hundreds of bags of asbestos had been dumped around Birmingham, including in a school playground and a

Sierra Blanca town in US is divided over plans to site a nuclear waste dump on its eastern boundary. Congressional approval of a "compact" between Texas, Maine and Vermont, to allow transport of

According to Britain's farming community, a far worse disaster than BSE is about to strike. Bovine tuberculosis (TB) is on the rampage again, threatening the country's 120,000 cattle herds and

Celltech, the biotechnology company, said that its antibody treatment for Crohn's disease-a serious bowel condition-could reach the US market up to a year earlier than expected after the regulator

Electricity consumption grew in China by just 1 per cent in the first four months of this year. This figure is a worrying factor for the sector's international suppliers and financiers. The demand

The UK's nascent offshore wind-energy industry took a significant step forward when John Battle, energy minister, launched a consultation paper on how the technology can best be supported by