A UK biotechnology company ReGen Therapeutics, is developing a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease based on colostrum - the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth, which offers

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees moved to defuse criticism of its management and financial practices, with a rebuttal of allegations raised by the Financial Times investigation into

American consumers are being deluged with advertisements for prescription drugs. The Food and Drug Administration reluctantly opened the floodgates last August by allowing companies to promote

Brain cells from newly aborted human foetuses may soon become unnecessary in tranplant operations to treat illnesses such as Parkinson's disease and Huntington's chorea. The British Association

Scientists meeting in Cardiff heard of a new environmental hazard from genetic engineering. Experiments at the Institiute of Terrestrial Ecology's Furzebrook research station suggest that virus

The amount of coal burned at English and Welsh power stations has risen substantially since the end of March because of a cool summer and a shutdown of French nuclear power plants caused by a design

China has taken its first resolute steps towards tackling the year 2000 computer problem by issuing an order that system changes must be completed by next March. The directive from the state council

Britain leads the world in cutting deaths from smoking, the British Association's annual science conference in Cardiff heard. Richard Peto, professor of medical statistics at Oxford University,

The UK government was facing the possibility of a new health scare following remarks by an expert on BSE that the disease could be present in sheep. Professor Geoffrey Almond, chairman of the sheep

Television advertising of prescription drugs is spiralling upwards in the US after a rule change last year which allowed such advertising for the first time. Mass media campaigns promoting brand-name