When the new millennium dawns Japan will pay nearly as much into United Nations coffers as the US, the single largest contributor-if it pays-under the latest financing scheme passed by the General

The introduction of landfill taxes is creating a serious shortage of material to fill and landscape former quarries and mines, according to an industry survey conducted in UK. The Quarry Products

Britain's cities are caught up in a spiral of congestion as increased traffic deters people from walking : a

Warning: the internet could be bad for your psychlogical health. In particular, it may increase your sense of loneliness and depression, cause you to drop friendships and weaken your bonds with

The UK government is set to scrap Britain's quarantine laws for pets, in a move that will allow vaccinated animals to travel freely across the European Union. Nick Brown, the agriculture minister, is

The UK government has decided to permit the construction and operation of some new gas fired power stations even though the use of gas for power generation is the subject of wide ranging energy

Lottery cash is to be switched into funding cancer treatment and other services traditionally funded from taxes. Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, said the lottery cash would be used to bring cancer

The UK biotechnology sector received a boost with the news that Chiroscience, one of its more successsful members, had discovered the gene that controls the human autoimmune system. If the discovery

As the flood waters recede in Bangladesh, the extent of the damage to the country's agriculture, industry and infrastructure is beginning to become apparent. Farmers have been worst hit, with much of

Abbattoirs in UK would have paid more heed to regulations aimed at protecting the public from BSE if they had been forced more properly by the Ministry of Agriculture, the public inquiry into the