The biodiversity-rich Pulicat lagoon , which sustains more than one lakh people, faces a serious threat from development projects, including a thermal power station.

Agricutlural workers in Tamil Naidu demand the implementation of the recommendations of the Kalappan Committee, whose report is a well-researched document on their living conditions.

In the absence of water resource planning, management and conservation measures, modern methods of forecasting monsoon, will be of little use to drought prone regions-- a report.

Floods and cyclones hit Mozambique and its neighbouring regions. The official death toll was 150. The loss in livestock too has been heavy. According to one report, nearly 80 per cent of the

The National Network on Biovillages and Community Banking launched by the M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation is a major initiative to replicate successful examples of poverty alleviation and

The Third Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organisation in Seattle once again revealed that in the world of trade it is power and politics and not altruism that determines the rules of the

The stand-off between the Kerala Government and Grasim Industries Ltd over the issue of closure of the Mavoor unit has brought into focus questions relating to employment opportunities and

The campaign against sex-selective abortions based on pre-natal sex determination procedures gains momentum in Tamil Nadu with the State Government making concrete moves to enforce the

Scientists at two pioneering institutions are working to build the country's first medical cyclotron and a superconducting cyclotron. They will also be involved in a unique nuclear science experiment