THE INTERNATIONAL aid organisation, Oxfam, wants Western governments to evolve a Marshall plan to tackle the problem of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and prevent 9 million people in the region

Large foreign debts have forced Indonesia to give in to World Bank pressure and adopt structural economic changes.

ENVIRONMENTALISTS are concerned that plans by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to provide Cambodia with a US $3.78 million aid package, includes supply of 30 tonnes of insecticides worth

Hiroshi Nakajima's re election as WHO's director general is being challenged on grounds of high handedness.

In 1992, the world moved several steps towards globalisation. But little attention was paid to the sharp economic, social and cultural divides. The rich world, troubled by recession, did not show much courage in dealing with them as it, too, began to feel

Faced with the century's worst recession Helsinki has had to cut back heavily on development aid. At stake are several international environmental projects.

American aid for Indian irrigation projects has been withdrawn as focus shifts to other sectors.

The state uses all the right words. But its actions don't match its rhetoric, unfortunately

The chapter on poverty was adopted, but the US voiced its objections loud and clear

TAIWAN is getting ready to counter the spread of hamburgers and pizza with its very own home-grown rice. The council of agriculture has recently launched a US $2 million campaign to promote