Primatologists of the peninsula unite under a new Indo US project

Greenpeace sounds a red alert about toxic waste imports into India at workshops across the country

Poachers and smugglers continue to snip through the tatty net of existing Indian wildlife protection laws

Scientists working on department of science and technology's high altitude projects face a bleak future

Translocating some lions from Gujarat's Gir sanctuary the home of the endangered Asiatic lion to the Kuno wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh to save the big cat could mean people trouble. The forest dwellers in both areas sense that their lives wi

... and the government's new set of rules to ensure safety standards in DNA based drugs

India finally tries to give real incentives to stop indigenous intelligence from migrating abroad

DECEMBER 3, 1994. The stage was set in Bhopal, again, for an army of people. Mediapeople. Activists. As for those who had rushed out of their homes 10 years ago to the day straight into the most

The Delhi administration's move to make the Asola and Bhatti sanctuaries exclusively protected areas ring alarm bells in the local villages

A cerebral malaria epidemic in Rajasthan has its source in the Indira Gandhi Canal