In an effort to find a middle path between the UPA government

In a veiled attack on non-government organisations (NGOs) that supported Anna Hazare

Baba Ramdev retracts from his comments against Bhushan duo
Civil Society

Signalling its intent to draft the Lokpal Bill at the earliest, the government on Sunday announced the deadline for the committee formed for this purpose, saying

Anna Hazare

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his associates today made it clear that their battle was far from over and threatened to revert to agitation if an effective and comprehensive Lok Pal legislation is not enacted by 15 August.

Dismissing suggestion that they are resorting to blackmail to achieve their goal, Mr Hazare said he has the highest respect for Parliament and democratic procedures

New Delhi: The instant of victory came on Saturday at 10.30am. Having humbled a government and captured the imagination of a nation, the frail 73-year-old Anna Hazare broke his fast by first offering sips of water to women who had fasted with him.

The seeming capitulation of the Government to Anna Hazare's demands has given rise to the euphoric feeling that politicians will now onwards be scared stiff by upheavals similar to the tsunami-like wave of popular revulsion against corruption that his indefinite fast has generated.

Sunita Narain profiles the man who never took half steps to development and transformed a drought-hit village into a prosperous one back in the 1980s Anna Hazare The first time I met Anna Hazare was in the mid-1980s. My colleague Anil Agarwal was travelling in search of answers to how India could regenerate lands and address desperate poverty.

LUCKNOW: In an effort aimed at giving an additional dose of strength to the anti-corruption campaign run by India Against Corruption, social activists have called upon people to switch off lights for 10 minutes in the evening on April 9 in Lucknow.

Since, dusk sets in late nowadays, the slot of 7:00 pm to 7:10 pm is what activists have chosen for the total black-out call.