More than 200 survivors of the Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal on Tuesday set fire to an effigy of ‘Corruption in medical care, rehabilitation and compensation disbursement’ in front of the Union

High on symbolism and evocative speeches, the call for a ‘second freedom struggle’ by Anna Hazare and other proponents of the Lokpal Bill on the 69th anniversary of the Quit India Movement fell sev

Team Anna has taken its eyes off issues that bother the average citizen

Claiming overwhelming support for its version of the Lokpal Bill in a ‘referendum’ conducted by itself, the civil society group led by Anna Hazare on Monday attacked the Prime Minister and question

“Well, our government has taken a view taking all factors into account. It would not be advisable to bring the Prime Minister within the purview of the Lokpal, except when he demits office,” Dr. Singh said.

Government and non-government groups have not always been on the best of terms
and this relationship has been redefined over the years with changing social and political
scenario. The showdown over the Lokpal bill marks a new low. Read this analysis by
Down to Earth.

NEW DELHI, 29 JULY: The much talked about Lokpal Bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha by 3 August and it will be government's endeavour to ensure its early passage, if possible in the month-lon

Poor Won’t Get Justice, Says Anna

New Delhi: Gearing up for a fresh confrontation with the government on August 16, Team Anna rejected the Lokpal bill approved by the Cabinet calling it a cruel joke.