Team Anna on Friday demanded enactment of a stringent law to protect whistleblowers and asked the government to ensure adequate security for those fighting against corruption after a 30-year-old IP

Virtually forced into drafting it, the government today introduced a bill in the Lok Sabha that aims to fight corruption via the Lokpal at the centre and Lokayuktas in the states, an unprecedented

The government has been racing against time to firm up the anti-graft bill in view of the looming threat of Anna Hazare to go on hunger strike.

NEW DELHI, 18 DEC: With divisions still persisting over the issue of inclusion of the Prime Minister in the ambit of the proposed Lokpal Bill and social activist Anna Hazare threatening to go on a

Ever since Anna Hazare’s call for a strong Lokpal bill reached fever-pitch in autumn, and the government bought time with ostensibly conciliatory moves, everyone had been waiting for ‘the due proce

But with dissent notes on 18 items, it may not be a smooth affair

Social activist Anna Hazare on Wednesday opened a new front against the Union government by opposing FDI in retail and expressed his apprehension that FDI may lead to “India again becoming a slave”

Resolves to fight graft with several legislations in first address after illness; Mum on retail row

The anti-corruption movement has enabled the Indian middle class to feel smug about itself. Its members have gone through a vast range of emotions during the last two decades, from self-hatred to self-righteousness. Liberalisation of the economy has created for this class an excitement of many kinds. It has meant the freedom to pursue the quest for wealth without guilt and, at the same time, it has meant feeling set adrift from tradition and the culture it signifies.

Hundreds of youth are planning to conduct an indefinite hunger strike in the capital city demanding the reconstruction of the Mullapperiyar Dam after they were inspired by a message on Facebook.