POLICING TRAFFIC BMC options include ban on new car & bike registrations, ceiling on new registrations per year and congestion tax in certain zones

The Maharashtra government has decided to challenge the National Green Tribunal's decision to suspend the mandatory coastal clearance to the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link (MTHL), granted in 2013, in th

Of late, public-private partnership is meant to encourage private capital to take responsibility for matters that were earlier regarded as primary duties of the State. The centre set up by the Pearson Company in partnership with the Central Board of Secondary Education is meant to enable the latter to progress towards the fulfi lment of longterm policy measures like developing a school-based evaluation system.

The anti-corruption movement has enabled the Indian middle class to feel smug about itself. Its members have gone through a vast range of emotions during the last two decades, from self-hatred to self-righteousness. Liberalisation of the economy has created for this class an excitement of many kinds. It has meant the freedom to pursue the quest for wealth without guilt and, at the same time, it has meant feeling set adrift from tradition and the culture it signifies.

Climate change assessment and decelerating food production trends in India: a paper presented by Dr. Krishna Kumar, IITM, Pune at National climate research conference, IIT Delhi, March 5-6, 2010.

This document contains the Presentation made by Krishna Kumar, IITM-Pune, to Shri Jairam Ramesh, Hon. Minister of Environment and Forests, on 14 Oct. 2009 in New Delhi.

The presentation is focused on the impact of climate change on India

The grossly inadequate education as imparted in our schools has to answer for our general insensitivity towards the environment