Boko: More than 3,000 bighas of paddy land and eight villages were affected by flash flood due to the two-day long heavy rainfall induced by cyclone Fani in Boko constituency.

No decision in GEAC meeting, say sources

GANDHINAGAR: Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel today said that income from agriculture has to be not just doubled but quadrupled as per the new comprehensive Agricultural Business Policy-2016.

A new study has suggested that use of ozone-tolerant cultivars can enhance the food security of India.

Mumbai: A whopping USD 200 billion worth of wheat, rice and maize crops could be lost by 2050 globally if the issues arising from global warming are not addressed on a war-footing, an independent s

Derived oils with high oleic acids are free from trans fatty acids that pose high risk of heart ailments

Contrary to opinion articulated through various quarters, empirical evidence and various studies have shown that the agronomic practices since the Green Revolution, especially dependence on the whe

Central bank says data verification shows such relief is unwarranted

Morgan Stanley says forecasts so far don't point to severe outcomes; however, FAO says big problem if shortage prolonged; both agree on need to track spread and amount

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday unveiled the roadmap for putting agriculture on high-growth trajectory with intensive use of technology in farming to scale up land productivity.