New Delhi, 13 Feb: A government committee has recommended setting up of National Crop Statistics Centre (NCSC) for meticulous data collection on diverse crops, in collaboration with the departments of Agriculture and Space.

Primary responsibility of NCSC will be to provide reliable and timely estimates at state and national levels of area under major crops, through complete enumeration of plots

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Efforts to boost agricultural productivity in the country must be seen in the context of climate change, a key agenda in the 12th Five-Year Plan period (2012-2017), said K.

The government has approved Rs 350 crore scheme to study impact of climate change on agriculture and reduce production losses.

Approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs, the main objective of new plan scheme

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala needs a long-term intervention strategy based on predictive modelling to deal with the impact of climate change, agriculture scientist Kadambot H.M.


Soaring temperature had led to incidences of fruit damage
AFALL in production of oranges across major belts of Punjab, Maharashtra and Rajasthan has led to prices rising between 40% and 45% and touching 290-350 for a carton of 10 kg.

The one bright spot, literally, is that growers in the Darjeeling hills are expecting a good crop due to adequate rainfall and bright sunny days that are keep

CUTTACK: The impact of population pressure and shrinking land and water resources on agriculture notwithstanding, climate change has emerged as one of the most potent challenges prompting emergency moves by experts, policy-makers and scientists to face the unfolding dangers.

The signs are ominous with changing climate and seasonal patterns in recent years.

Overexploitation of groundwater coupled with rising temperatures may push agriculture to stagnation, says a satellite study mapping yields from 1982 to 2006
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The monsoon bounty this year is expected to put the smiley back on the agriculture output graph.