Industry body CII on Sunday askedthe government to forma joint working group with private sector to suggest a roadmap for mechanisation of farms to boost agriculture productivity.

After a much-delayed harvesting and lifting of wheat, the farmers of Punjab are now worried about two other major crops

The Himalayas are warming at a rate higher than the global average. A recent study documents how this has affected cropping patterns and vegetation in the past 10 years. The questionnaire -based study examined changes people observed between the altitudes of 600 metres and 2,200 metres in the Himalayas. For full text:

Scientists at Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR) are now exploring the possibility of using saline

Changes in the climate are already having an effect on crop yields -- but not yet a very big one

THE problems climate change looks likely to bring in the future may increasingly be visible in the records of the past.

Punjab is heading towards record production of wheat this season. Reports emerging from Malwa, Majha and Doaba regions have clearly indicated that the state

Its images will help to monitor crop yield, snow-cover and glaciers
The remote-sensing satellite, Resourcesat-2, put up by PSLV-C16 on Wednesday,

Lack Of Adequate Storage May Negate Gains
New Delhi: With only a few days to go before farmers begin to harvest what is expected to be the country

Plans to set up 150 farmer-producer organisations in 11 states.
The government is planning to provide market linkages for farmers growing pulses as part of a programme announced in the Budget to improve their production, as scarcity of this essential item was one of the major contributors to food inflation a few years back.