Wastage of chemical inputs and environmental degradation have been a serious issues with conventional methods of pesticide application in agricultural and horticultural engenderment, resulting in fruit poisoning.

After many years of neglect, there is a renewed interest in agricultural mechanization in Africa. Since government initiatives to promote mechanization, e.g., by importing and subsidizing tractors, are confronted with major governance challenges, private-sector initiatives offer a promising alternative.

This study provides an overview on the patterns and dynamics of mechanization in African agriculture over the 10 year period (2005-2014). Farm level and value chain related mechanization are considered.

The Peoples Republic of China has said it will lend Nigeria $4.5 billion to boost local agriculture.

Enabling the Business of Agriculture (EBA) 2017, the third report in the EBA series, offers insights into how laws and regulations affect private sector development for agribusinesses, including producer organizations and other agricultural entrepreneurs.

Feeding the burgeoning world population will require significant improvements in agricultural productivity, above all in Africa, and mechanization and appropriate mechanization strategies have a large role to play, according to a report from FAO.

Muscat: Oman has been ranked second in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) for food security, availability and quality on Global Food Security Index 2016.

Government is working on a project to support the Agricultural Rural Development Authority, prisons, universities and other institutions that own farmland, with machinery and equipment to boost agr

This report provides National and State/UT level broad features pertaining to income from and expenditure for various economic activities performed by the agricultural households, including farm and non-farm business and wage/salaried employment and the expenditure incurred on productive assets during the agricultural year July 2012 - June 2013.

Visakhapatnam: Nearly two lakh farmers across 13 districts in the state will be provided energy efficient agricultural pumpsets free of cost in fiscal 2016-17.