Whereas, the Bhindawas Wildlife Sanctuary (about 80 kilometers from West of Delhi) attracts around 35,000 variety of migratory birds belonging to over 250 species during winter and water problem at Bharatpur National Park of Rajasthan, this Sanctuary provides an alternate wintering site to the migratory water fowls which has enhanced its importance; And Whereas, it is necessary to conserve and pro

Farmers of Gwalior-Chambal region, who were facing drought-like conditions for the last four year, this year are a happy lot as the rains have come in abundance. Due to heavy rains in Bhind district, rivers including Chambal, Bainsli and Kwari are in spate. The farmers here are happy as they would be able to do agriculture in a better way. They are preparing to sow kharif crops. However, the farmers who had completed sowing during light rains are a little worried. The heavy rains in Bhind district have claimed four lives and it is essential to provide relief to the kin of those killed.