Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), manufactured a pesticide called Sevin, at the production facility in Bhopal, for which one of the raw materials is Methylisocyanate (MIC). MIC was also being produced in an adjacent plant.


The victims are yet to be adequately compensated or given proper medical help; their water sources are yet to be decontaminated.

At Arif Nagar slum, a toxic waste yard next to the boundary wall of the factory. The accident polluted the soil and groundwater in the neighbourhood to dangerous levels.

The government

Twenty-five years after Union Carbide's accursed chemical plant spewed 42 tonnes of poisonous methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas, killing 8,00010,000 people, and debilitating thousands of others, a study conducted by the Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found that toxic waste lying at the plant premises still contaminates the city's land and water.

This fact sheet contains major legal cases concerning Bhopal Gas Tragedy.

This fact sheet contains what is being done regarding toxic waste at Union Carbide, Bhopal.

Defining the Bhopal Master Plan-2021 it can be said that the capital city Bhopal would be renovated on the aspect of development- it would be changed into metro city. Presently there are 4 metro cities-Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai in the country. Almost all the capital cities of the big states are going to be changed into metro cities.

SATINATH SARANGI, 55, had planned to stay for a week. Decades later, he is still fighting on behalf of those affected by the gas tragedy

The City Development Plan for Bhopal deals with a comprehensive, cohesive and concise manner, all the important elements of governance in the form of themes: Urban Growth Management/ Development Planning, Urban Basic Services and Infrastructure, Transportation and Traffic Management, Housing and Slums, Urban Environment, Social Development, Urban Governance and Management and Urban Finance and Man