NATO strikes on chemical plants and refineries around Belgrade could lead to an ecological disaster, warn Serb officials

THE scars left by industrial pollution have failed to heal in Sumgait, a former industrial city located near Azerbaijan's capital, Baku.

After the proposed Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa was discussed threadbare and opposed by many, the Greens succeeded in having the project shifted out

...that"s what New Bombay residents seem to be consuming daily, with thousands of chemical industries and lakhs of vehicles burping out pollutants and snuffing out a dream

Removing stains from clothes is a quid pro quo affair -- for bleaching agents to work, the clothes have to be washed in warm water, which can ruin texture and colour. But now, researchers at Unilever

YOU thought loofahs were just for scrubbing in the bath? Well, an Italian firm has come up with a new role for the fibrous skeleton of the gourd-like Luffa cylindrica. It can be a non-toxic and