RIGHTS ISSUE: A patent on atta chakkis (flour mills). It sure was unexpected. But it's been granted. The latest victim of the patent rights regime is the Asian traditional knowledge of producing

Twenty three persons staying in the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia, during the Kosovo war have developed diseases linked to the

The effects of the Balkan war is beginning to show on NATO soldiers

greenpeace said nato 's (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) bombing of Yugoslavia is not only causing

Smoke and flames rise from the fertiliser plant

Bitter cold and acute food shortages could take a toll of an estimated 30,000 Armenian lives if attempts to open relief corridors through Turkey and Georgia fail, warned President Levon

yugoslavia faces grave ecological

Thousands of people living near the Pancevo industrial zone outside Belgrade have been evacuating their homes for fear that (NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organi

NATO strikes on chemical plants and refineries around Belgrade could lead to an ecological disaster, warn Serb officials

YUGOSLAV engineers are working desperately to ease the pressure on a damaged dam in Montenegro, to prevent the release of millions of tonnes of toxic mining sludge into the Danube and