Exactly three months after Phailin, the severe cyclonic storm, which battered the Nalabana Sanctuary in Chilika Lake, the wildlife wing of the State Forest Department will embark on a two-day bird

BHUBANESWAR: A team of scientists from Japan arrived here on Monday to study the migratory behaviour of the threatened Irrawaddy dolphins in Chilika lagoon.

BHUBANESWAR: The number of Irrawaddy dolphins in Chilika has dropped to 145 from an estimated 156 last year and 158 in 2010, according to the latest census data.

Berhampur: With detection of H5N1 avian influenza at two places of Odisha, a Central team on Monday visited the Chilika lake area to study symptoms of bird flu on the migratory birds.

Bhubaneswar: The annual bird census in Chilika lake was conducted on Sunday.

BHUBANESWAR: Ahead of the annual waterfowl enumeration, Chilika’s famous Nalabana Bird Sanctuary has been declared off-limits to people till January 8.

BHUBANESWAR: The tiger prawns, crabs and fishes of Chilika are not just delicious but among the safest in India sans toxicity, a monitoring study by Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute (CIFRI) has revealed.

Since fish is at the top of the food chain, they are prone to bio-accumulation and toxic substances like heavy metals, pesticides and insecticide residues are found.

However, a

BHUBANESWAR: This winter, Chilika is missing its long-legged guests. Flamingos, the flagship species for a winter bird site, are a few and far between.

Last year, number of the waders had reached 5,000 in the brackish water lagoon where these birds dot the Nalabana Sanctuary. This time the number has remained confined to just four.

Flamingos abandoning Chilika has surprised the experts.

BERHAMPUR: Many migratory birds flocking Chilika Lake, the biggest waterfowl habitat in the country, are staying back in the lake instead of returning to their original nests in summer, according to a study.

BHUBANESWAR: The State Government has submitted a proposal of Rs 49.54 crore before the 13th Finance Commission (TFC) for the all-round development and conservation of biodiversity in Chilika lake.