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The people of Beijing are experiencing the warmest September in 62 years, according to local records. The continued warm weather has added 3 degrees celsius on average to temperatures in the 1930s.

Talks on financing the phase-out of chloroflurocarbon (CFC) production has run into rough weather with India unwilling to accept the fresh conditions imposed by the US. The assistance was to come

The Koel-Karo Hydroelectric Project, which was conceived 25 years ago, is likely to see the light of day by 2004-05. The project envisages utlisation of the water from South Koel and North Karo

Myth eventually could save the day for the people of arid Rajasthan, who are faced with a dry future. If a multi-million rupee project beginning next month, is successful, the desert areas of

There is a direct correlation between the operation of an electrical appliance and the emission of greenhouse gases, but innovators within the electronics industry are working on energy-efficient

A controversial US study being released predicts sharply higher energy costs for businesses and consumers by the year 2010 including a hike of up to 53 per cent at the gasoline pump if the United

Stretching the vision of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope farther across space and further back into time than ever before, astronomers have peered into a previously unseen realm of the universe. A

The efforts to protect the ozone layer received a major boost when ten donor countries, meeting in Moscow, committed US$ 19 million to assist in the closure of the Russian Federation's production

Is India and the world getting hotter and wetter? Science struggles to unravel the mystery : a

The top and the bottom of the earth turned sharply warmer at the same time 12,500 years ago, suggesting that some climate change events once thought to be regional may have affected the entire