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Human interference with the coastal environment has led to growth of poisonous microbes

Greenpeace activists are protesting against the government's decision to ship 200,000 barrels of radioactive waste to famine hit North Korea. They say the move is irresponsible and immoral

While researchers have long focused on El Ni

A herb found in northern Arizona grows better after being eaten by deer

Lead poisoning in children is causing a storm in New York. A large number of cases seeking action against lead poisoning are pending in courts. Lead is present in nume

Household wastes that cannot be recycled are best disposed when buried instead of incineration or composting. This was concluded in a study conducted by the Centre for Social and Economic Research on

The country plans

Noise generated by tourist boats might result in loss of hearing in whales

Solid wastes could soon be used for laying roads

Climate is getting warmer and the effects of global warming are becoming increasingly noticeable in the flora and fauna in the UK