National Register of Large (Specified) Dams is a compilation of the specified dams in the country prepared as per information received from the State Government /Authority concerned.

The Ministry of Law and Justice on December 14, 2021 has issued The Dam Safety Act, 2021. It shall come into force on December 14, 2021.

The Dam Safety Bill, 2018 that aims to provide a robust legal and institutional framework under Central and state governments for the safety of dams, was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 12th December, 2018 amid protests by opposition and Shiv Sena members.

New report urges global action on mining pollution. Mining Tailings Storage: Safety is no accident, was prompted by tailings dams disasters and rising global concerns about the safety, management and impacts of storing and managing large volumes of mine tailings.

Mosul Dam is located on the Tigris river, 50 Km NW of Mosul; it is 113 m in height, 3.4 Km in length, 10 m wide in its crest and has a storage capacity of 11.1 billion cubic meters. It is an earth fill dam, constructed on bedrocks of Fat’ha Formation, which consists of gypsum beds alternated with marl and limestone, in cyclic nature. The thickness of gypsum beds attains 18 m; they are intensely karstified even in foundation rocks. Therefore, continuous grouting Programme was planned during construction, which was completed in June 1984, with planned operation age of 80 years.

This guidelines deal with the preparation of site specific seismic study report of a river valley project and its submission to the National Committee on Seismic Design Parameters (NCSDP) for necessary approval.

Standing Committee on Water Resources (2010-2011) present this Seventh Report on "The Dam Safety Bill, 2010". The Bill was introduced in Lok Sabha and was referred by the Hon‘ble Speaker to the Standing Committee on Water Resources on 9 September, 2010 for examining and Report.

This bill introduced in Lok Sabha is aimed at setting up an institutional system for regular monitoring of safety of large dams.  It is to provide for proper surveillance, inspection, operation and maintenance of all dams of  certain parameters in India to ensure their safe functioning and for matters connected
therewith or incidental thereto.

The coffer dam is being built for the 99 MW Chuzachen hydro electric project developed by GATI Infrastructure. As per the preliminary information, the labourers were working in the coffer dam in the night shift when the dam suddenly burst