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A vaccine developer from Nigeria, Dr Simon Agwale Friday in Paris, France, presented his progress report on Ebola vaccine saying that he "developed an EBOV candidate vaccine that is highly immunoge

Multiple host molecules are known to be involved in the cellular entry of filoviruses, including Ebola virus (EBOV); T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain 1 (TIM-1) and Niemann-Pick C1 (NPC1) have been identified as attachment and fusion receptors, respectively. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the entry process have not been fully understood. We found that TIM-1 and NPC1 colocalized and interacted in the intracellular vesicles where EBOV glycoprotein (GP)-mediated membrane fusion occurred.

As a devastating Ebola outbreak in West Africa continues, non-pharmaceutical control measures including contact tracing, quarantine, and case isolation are being implemented. In addition, public health agencies are scaling up efforts to test and deploy candidate vaccines. Given the experimental nature and limited initial supplies of vaccines, a mass vaccination campaign might not be feasible. However, ring vaccination of likely case contacts could provide an effective alternative in distributing the vaccine.

Guinea and Sierra Leone have reported 35 new Ebola cases in the past week, four times as many as the week before, providing a reminder that the virus "will not go quietly", a top World Health Organ

Abuja — Nigeria is one of eight African countries where clinical trials of a vaccine for the Ebola virus disease will soon commence.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), confirmed on Tuesday that Ebola has spread further in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

As the 68th Session of the World Health Assembly (WHA) opened in Geneva on Monday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced it was setting up a $100m contingency fund to mange any unexpected o

At the conclusion of a civil society led assessment of safety protocols to the adherence of Ebola preventive measures in certain selected schools in Liberia, positive impressions have been noted ev

Spurred on by the recent Ebola outbreak, an African Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is being established this year to effectively respond to major epidemics.

Taking a page from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the Incident Management System or Task Force overseeing Liberia's response to the deadly Ebola virus outbreak, has characterized a recent audit b