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WHAT DO the Gulf War, Greenhouse effect and the Narmada project have in common? They are all related to energy, an issue that took centre stage in the 1970s. The oil crisis of 19 made the West

Babu Lala Sharma, Chairperson, Bharat Jan Vigyan Jatha 92, United Newspapers, 4 Windsor Place, New Delhi 110 001 G N A Nayar, Chairman, M N Sreedharan Nair, General Convenor,

Ecological factors • The present alignment passes through densely populated and cultivated coastal land. • The alternative alignment also passes through forest areas. • Trains

In its judgement on a writ petition challenging the Konkan Railway Project, the Panaji High Court ruled that the railways did not need to get an environmental clearance for the project.

A Pakistani court will decide whether commercial fishing can be allowed on a protected lake that is also the haunt of migratory birds.

• Total length of the Konkan railway : 760 km • Cost (at 1991-92 prices) : Rs 1,391 crore • Completion date : October 1994 • Length in Goa : 106 km • Number of

Environmental degradation, changing land use patterns and poor administrative planning is resulting in the destruction of a unique agro system in Goa.

The Bedti hydro-electric project in Karnataka is in the midst of another controversy. The project, which was scrapped in the early 1980s following protests from farmers and environmentalists, is

LEADERS of developing countries today find in environment a cause of great worldwide concern -- a concern that is steadily growing in their own countries and one that already has deep roots in the

Environmental issues are rapidly coming into focus in the US presidential compaign