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GEOSPHERE versus biosphere interactions not only precipitate but also moderate changes in the global environmental system. While several studies have concentrated on modern anthropogenic

Two accidents at Germany's largest chemical group, Hoechst AG, in the last week of January this year, has led to nearly one tonne of toxic powder escaping into the environment

A recent World Bank (WB) report has given a a poor rating to the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) which is saddled with major resettlement problems. According to an estimate, the

The controversial Omai gold mine which was shut down in August last year after a cyanide spill (Down to Earth, Vol 4, No 9) is to be reopened shortly, after a commission appointed by the

From this year, the Sri Lankan authorities will strictly enforce laws relating to air, land and sea to protect the island's environment. According to the director general of the

ENVIRONMENTAL activists have blasted the Assam government for giving permission to a private party to carry out blasting of the Chandardinga Hill in Dhubri district. Saumyadeep Dutta,

The current budget stalemate in the US has led to environmental management paying a heavy price as all major environment related programmes have been stalled indefinitely for want of clearance of

IT'S still the age of ideas despite the failure and death of ideologies and dearth of seminal ideas to rescue the collapsing fundamentals of social order and societies. Development and

Community Development Activities claimed by INDAL at Durgamanwadi

The grossly inadequate education as imparted in our schools has to answer for our general insensitivity towards the environment