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The Himachal Pradesh Government has taken steps to prevent polythene bags from littering its urban towns, including Shimla and Manali. The State Government's Department of Science, Technology and

In the last 50 years, by its own admission, the Coast Guard dumped as many as 100,000 batteries containing toxic materials like mercury into waterways throughout the U.S., including the Hudson River.

After Malpa, it could well be Nainital. Environmentalists fear that a major ecological disaster could hit the town. The latest landslip zone study by the Gwological Survey of India (GSI) presents an

A heat wave and drought hitting parts of central Vietnam have depleted subsistence rice crops and dried up water

The Ministry of environment and forests has set a rigid time frame for installation of facilities in hospitals for scientific treatment of the bio-medical wastes. Failure to keep to the schedule as

The UK government should admit defeat in the battle against coastal erosion and abandon low-lying farmland to the sea, according to a committee of MPs. In a report on flood and coastal defence, the

Andhra Pradesh pollution control board(APPCB) is setting up a 'Waste minimisation cell' (WMC) for effective implementation of Hyderabad waste minimisation programme in all the industries in Hyderabad

The state government has decided to ask the World Bank to give a soft loan of Rs 2,209.3 crore to create permanent cyclone mitigation structures.

Yellowing of marbles in the Taj Mahal may stop soon and the closure of 200-odd foundries near it may be prevented, thanks to an eco-friendly melting furnace developed for the polluting commercial

Japan is eager to do whatever they can to reduce trash. In 1997, the Tokyo Metropolitan government spent 308.8 billion yen on garbage collection and disposal-nearly 5% of its total budget. It cost