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The Clinton administration has suffered yet another setback in its crusade to protect the forests in the US northwest from marauding timber merchants. On September 14, district court judge

MUSHROOMING growth and burgeoning population is slowly eating up the natural Sonoran desert in Arizona; Phoenix, one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the US, especially faces the

On global issues Kamal Nath was prepared to take positions unpalatable to his bureaucrats and worked closely with CSE. But he was not willing to go far on national issues, especially on the crucial one of participatory natural resource management

Under the "Clean up the World" project -part of the UN environment programme -a clean-up campaign is being organised in Nepal's Kathmandu valley between September 15-17. The Nepal-Australia

The Commission on Global Governance calls for a democratic world governance to deal with increasing global interdependence

THE Gorongosa is being suffocated Slowly. Illegal mahogany-felling operations in and around this timber-rich national park of Mozambique is threatening to devastate the region's fragile

INDUSTRY SAYS ENVIRONMENTALISTS SAY It'll join national reforestation efforts It is welcome, but should encourage farmers to grow trees on low

Bharatnatyam dancer Komala Vardhan, who performed a dance recital on the World Environment Day in Delhi has been staging her composition Prakritim Vande, which is a tribute to the

After the proposed Nylon 6,6 plant in Goa was discussed threadbare and opposed by many, the Greens succeeded in having the project shifted out

PAPER is important, but so are forests. The proposal of the ministry for environment and forests to allow the paper industry to establish captive plantations on degraded forest lands, has provoked angry reactions from environmentalists. Many academics a