Chandigarh: Punjab government ordered a probe into the abnormalities among children in a pocket of Faridkot due to alarming levels of uranium on Thursday. The move comes after TOI

Secondary salinisation is the most harmful and extended phenomenon of the unfavourable effects of irrigation on the soil and environment. An attempt was made to study the impact of poor quality ground water on soils in terms of secondary salinisation and availability of soil nutrients in Faridkot district of Punjab of northern India.

Faridkot/Harike - TOXIN UNLEASHED: Sirhind and Rajasthan feeder canals become deathbed of aquatic life Mohan, who sells ice-cream near the banks of Sirhind and Rajasthan feeder canals in the periphery of Faridkot, has a choice to put up his mobile stall elsewhere. But, a few metres away along the banks, Mool Chand, the railway gateman at crossing number C-29 has no alternative but to live with the foul smell emanating from the canals and see perished aquatic life floating on the filthy waters.

The groundwater reserves are depleting at an alarming rate in Punjab besides a serious decline in the quality of water at many places due to overuse of the available resources, says a study. Out of a total of 137 blocks covered under the study, only 25 have been found safe with 103 of them being overexploited, five being critical and four in a semi-critical state, says a study conducted by the Water Resources and Environment Directorate, Punjab Irrigation Department.

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