President Barack Obama should be applauded for his decision to scrap commercial reprocessing. (Editorial)

If you can't innovate, then reinvent the wheel. That seems to be the thinking behind the US Department of Energy's (DoE) plans for a nuclear fuel reprocessing programme - but this tactic may play into the hands of weapons-makers.

Europe leads the biofuels market followed by the US

The nation that invented

The confusion between ULSD and LSD

The EPCA cracks the

The key actors in the government responsible for implementing the Supreme Court order do not share the vision to safeguard public health. An incredible effort is being made to secure the diesel market for the state owned refineries, a segment of bus manuf

Guru with an attitude

• India Today, August 20, 2001: "Tho

But then why demonstrate in front of the Supreme Court? A dharna of schoolchildren in front of Naik's and Khanduri's ministry would be equally photogenic. And it would put some pressure in the