Ahmedabad: The much awaited counting of the Asiatic lion to begin on April 24, will cover another milestone

Ahmedabad: The next time you visit Junagadh, and find a person of African origin telling you about Panthera Leo Persica (Asiatic lion), do not be surprised. Gujarat government is training some 20 youths of the African Siddi tribe, settled in Gir forest, to speak English and become tour guides.

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Ahmedabad: The MP government has reportedly stated that if an average of 10 lions die unnaturally in Gir every year, then there is no harm in Gujarat government parting with five lions for its Kuno Palpur project.

Gandhinagar: In another startling revelation related to Gir lions, the state government stated in the Assembly on Thursday that 116 lions had died in Gir Sanctuary between January 2007 and January 2010. Of these, 108 are said to have died in the natural course and seven were hunted to death.

Rajkot: The lion that was found dead with severe wounds on its throat and head died of the fatal traumatic injury. This was confirmed by the postmortem report, refuting claims of any other cause of death. Assitant conservator of forest (ACF) Anita Karne told TOI that inquiry in the matter is still on as the circumstances that led to the incident have to be verified.

Rajkot: Gujarat state forest department is getting ready for lion census to be conducted from April 24 next month in Gir sanctuary in Junagadh district.
Nearly 1,500 officials will be deployed for the exercise, conducted every five years for

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Rajkot: In a bizarre incident, a lion was axed to death by some villagers in the greater Gir concept area of Junagadh district on Monday. Before it was killed, the lion had attacked seven people, including three of its attackers, who were hospitalised after the incident, forest officials said.

A farmer axed a three-year-old lion to death Monday after it mauled five people and also tried to attack him in Gujarat's Junagadh district that houses the Sasan Gir Lion Sanctuary, forest officials said Monday.

Gandhinagar: The state government on Tuesday admitted that 72 lions had died in the Gir sanctuary in the past two years, of which one was killed by poachers and the rest died in the natural course. It also added that there were 291 lions inside the Gir sanctuary which covers 1,400 odd sq km of the forest area.

Ahmedabad : Anxious about the poaching going on in and around Gir sanctuary, state forest department has decided to form a task force to tackle the illegal activity.