The second meeting of the 12-member committee formed to decide on the lion translocation from Gir sanctuary in Gujarat to Kuno Palpur in Madhya Pradesh will be held on August 19.

Ahmedabad: Gujarat may be not willing to part with its lions for the Kuno Palpur wildlife sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh, but Madhya Pradesh is getting ready in a big way to welcome the big cats from

Have Asiatic lions found their own homes within the home around the Gir forest?

State forest department officials said over the last two decades, lions have dispersed from the Gir forest, which was a core area of Asiatic lions, and have settled down in respective areas and made their permanent 'homes'.

Nearly 53 lions were spotted in the area

AHMEDABAD: The international market value of lion bones range between $ 300 and $ 500 for every kilogram. The bones are used in China for traditional Chinese medicines.

Even while fighting a legal battle in the Supreme Court, the Gujarat Government, with the support of the Centre, is currently engaged in developing a second “interpretation zone” to enable the visitors to see Asiatic Lions in the wild at its only abode in the Gir sanctuary in the Saurashtra region.

A forest department official said the second “interpretation zone”, a fenced area within the sanctuary, was being developed near Ambardi village in Amreli district on the way to the tourist destination of Diu.

Raseela Vadher knows no fear. Unafraid, she ventures into Gir forest peering intently through the bush looking for signs of trouble. It is not the presence of wild animals that bothers her.

Ahmedabad: The streets of Sasan, which are generally abuzz with activity since six in the morning, wore a deserted look on Thursday.

Even as the Gujarat Government is preparing to file a review petition against the order of the Division Bench of the Supreme Court for translocation of a section of Asiatic lions from its only abod

The Supreme Court on Monday directed concerned organizations to shift Asiatic lions from Gujarat to Madhya Pradesh.