As many as 310 Asiatic Lions, declared as endangered species, had died in its only abode, the Gir sanctuary in the Saurashtra region of Gujarat, in the past five years, Forest Minister Mangubhai Pa

The state government intends to change the newly devised eco-tourism police for the Gir sanctuary, the last abode of the Asiatic lions.

AHMEDABAD: After the Gujarat high court ordered the closure of illegal resorts and hotels around Gir sanctuary, the state tourism department had legalized them under its home stay policy.

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat high court on Thursday directed the state government to provide more information about the existence of commercial structures in different buffer zones, as per the new eco-touris

Five legislators from the constituencies around the Gir sanctuary have approached the Gujarat high court raising objections to the newly formed eco-tourism policy for the last abode of the Asiatic

AHMEDABAD: The state forest department is getting ready to install GPS-aided 'camera traps' — a network of remotely operated system with motion and infrared sensors — in the Gir sanctuary.

Is the Centre under NDA dispensation preparing to change its long-held position that Asiatic lions need a second home outside Gujarat's Gir sanctuary, and instead tilting towards the view of the st

Lion census 2015 has pegged that the empire of the king of jungle is spread over 22,000 sq km — 2,000 sq km in Gir sanctuary and the rest outside.

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat tourism department, following the notification of July 1 that has brought tourism department's home stay policy around Gir Sanctuary and other protected lion sanctuaries under it

No new licences for hotels, resorts in one km area of the border of the forest that houses Asiatic lions