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For more than a year, a California company has put red yeast rice from China into capsules and marketed them as a way to reduce cholesterol. But now, the Food and Drug Administration declared that

The Union Health Ministry has announced an action plan for the anti-malaria month, to be observed in

Armies worldwide are vulnerable to major AIDS epidemics and the Malawian army is one of the worst affected. Around 20 soldiers a month die of AIDS-a problem stretching back fifteen years to the civil

The Muncipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) will launch a month long cleaniness campaign in June to prevent the occurence of seasonal diseases in general and dengue fever in

A new study provides the first evidence that routine screening of men for prostate cancer can substantially reduce deaths from the disease. The research carried out on 46,000 men in Quebec, is the

The Bihar Cabinet today slapped a ban on private practice by government doctors with immediate effect. The decision will affect 10,000 doctors working in the eight medical colleges and all the

The upcoming world AIDS conference may be in for some grim news as problems emerge with the "cocktail" therapy of protease inhibitor drugs, pioneering AIDS researcher Robert Gallo said on Monday. The

The economics of blood donation has a direct bearing on the possibility of blood being contaminated with infectious diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitits-B, point out experts at the All India Institute

Indian pharmaceutical major Cipla says it may hit the local market with its version of US giant Pfizer's anti-impotency blockbuster Viagra in six

Delhi surgeons will boycott kidney transplants till Tuesday, when the accused doctors in the Noida kidney racket are brought to a Noida court for bail. The boycott has been continuing for a week