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Researchers are on the point of developing drugs to help people whose lives are blighted by "neuropathic" pain, the intense, long-lasting and almost untreatable pain caused by damaged nerves, the

Not withstanding fundamental conceptual differences and doubts, the Arya Vaidya Sala (AVS), Kottakkal, and the CSIR under the Union Government have agreed on a collaborative research programme aimed

A surgeon at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences removed a 11.5 kg kidney through keyhole surgery in a two-and-a half -hour- long operation here on Friday evening.

Hoechst Marion Ropussel Ltd, has introduced a new anti-epilepsy drug "Frisium" in India. The drug is effective in treating chronic therapy resistant epilepsy and is suitable for use as an adjuvant

The Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FrIht) and the Indian Institute of Science are organising a four-day international conference on medicinal plants in Bangalore from

The thousands of tourists who will throng Goa's beaches in the forthcoming summer months will be at the risk of catching malaria, as the infection attains near-epidemic proportions.According to

People who deliberately transmit the HIV virus that causes AIDS could face life imprisonment in Britain if Parliament adopts proposed changes to a 19-th century law made public on

Scientists have found out what may drive a normally monogamous male to chase any available female and neglect his family: the sex hormone testosterone. When male dark-eyed junco birds were given an

HOECHST Marion Roussel Ltd has introduced 'Frisium' (clobazam) in India, which is suitable for use as an adjuvant (add-on-drug) to treat all types of epilepsy. It is a drug, particularly effective in

Eminent heart surgeon and executive director of the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre (EHIRC), Dr. Naresh Trehan, has advocated the setting up of an independent panel of doctors for