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An increasingly sedentary lifestyle is making Americans, largely white, obese. The US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, conducted between 1988-91, reveals that 33.4 per cent of

Indian scientists discover how living in the frigid continent affects the mind and the body

The Australian government might set a precedent by compensating people treated with hormones from human pituitary glands, which have been linked to deaths from the rare Creutzfeldt Jakob disease --

The one good, vengeful thing that the Red Injuns gave to the West was a stinky, filthy, addictive, noxious wad of goo, which virtually made a reeking tabagie out of the English court. Over time, it

Apart from massively polluting the air, 4-wheelers present another environmental problem -- the annual disposal of billions of litres of engine oil that need to be replaced every 4,800 km for cars

The death of Arun Kumar Sen, the inspiration behind the Students' Health Home, the biggest medical insurance scheme run by students in the country, has left an irreplaceable void

Associations lending a hand in preventing and curing blindness

THE ozone layer over the US had thinned to unprecedented and worrisome flimsiness during 1993, say scientists who had monitored sunlight at various ground sites over the year. Between January and

THE Japanese have come up with a process that makes wood resistant to fire, decay and warping. Earlier attempts at improving one of the 3 attributes invariably worsened at least 1 of the other 2.

YOU love those swatches of lustrous, flowing hair, but visits to the beauty salon may do more harm than good. After a year of extensive research on blood flow to the brain, New York-based neurologist