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People should not be too frightened about cancers among children because in their case the chance of cure is very high, according to renowned experts of paediatric

Despite the efforts of the Government and voluntary organisations, female infanticide(FI) had not declined in the Tamil Nadu. Instead it had spread from the existing pockets to the contiguous areas

The Rs 35.15-crore twin cities component of the Indian population projet, assisted by the World Bank, may not see the light of the day, nearly four years after the project was launched, because of

Following the recent prohibition of professional blood donation, the Delhi Government was gearing up to make available safe and quality blood to patients, the Delhi Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan

ICICI appears to be getting truly futuristic. It is planning to lead a major initiative in promoting human genome research in the country. The research, in which leading Indian and foreign

A new study suggests that youngsters who were breast-fed as babies do better in school and score higher on standardised math and reading tests. The study, which tracked more than 1,000 New Zealand

Bumpy roads, pollution, malnutrition and irrational use of drugs are the main causes of miscarriage among women, says DAV Research Society for Health. A study conducted by the research society

The Delhi government health ministry said on Tuesday , 14 percent of the blood received was donated by professionals. Health minister Harsh Vardhan said this, while welcoming the ban on professional

Dr Gerhard Fischer, a German social scientist, who dedicated his life in rehabilitating lepers and polio patients, was on Monday awarded the prestigious Gandhi Peace Prize for 1997 by President K.R.

Dutch scientists have succeeded for the first time in proving the harmful effect of ultra-violet light on skin cells. Until recently all that scientists were able to do was to measure damage to