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Healthcare workers looking after tuberculosis patients stand two to ten times greater risk of catching the disease than others and nurses fall in the highest-prone group. According to a senior doctor

Several cases have recently come into light in the US, pointing to the prevalence of horrible custom of genital mutilation of girls to keep them away from sexual temptation. The practice, prevalent

The WHO has warned against any sense of complacency with regard to the threat to public health posed by TB. In a report, the WHO has pointed out that one-third of the world's population is infected

A divided Supreme Court handed advocates of abortion rights a victory Monday by leaving intact a precedent-setting ruling that struck down a state law banning a type of late-term abortion. The

The US army is fighting a global battle against a deadly enemy with frightening air borne stealth capabilities - an adversary who flies around undetected, delivers its killer payload and quietly

The US Supreme Court let stand a lower court decision that ruled unconstitutional a state's attempt to ban some late term abortions. Though the Court's action did not constitute a formal ruling on

Moscow's creaking healthcare system may seem unlikely to attract rich foreigners seeking delicate surgery. But in an extraordinary twist, the Russian capital has become a mini boom town for plastic

The public is largely unaware and the authorities nonchalant. But doctors are steadily getting more and more cases of a relatively new and dangerous scourge stalking the Calcutta and countryside:

The detection of 37 malignant malaria cases in the Calcutta city has led the Calcutta Municipal Corporation to set up an expets team which is conducting an anti-larvae drive. CMC technicians examined

A new wonder drug, which could simultaneously cure cancer in blood, central nervous system, lungs, ovaries and the breast is on the cards. And the onus for this is on T. Ravikumar whose thesis