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The British government on Wednesday ruled out legalising cannabis on doctors' prescription to patients suffering from debilitating conditions, saying there was no scientific evidence that the drug

The Delhi High Court on Wednesday warned the management of super speciality Apollo Hospital here that the full cost of land could be imposed on it, if it failed to implement the agreement with the

Use of "alternative" treatments such as herbal supplements, massage therapy and mega vitamins is increasing dramatically, and visits to alternative practitioners have become more common than visits

The composite material developed for the Agni missile can also be used to make light weight appliances for polio affected children, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, scientific adviser to the Defence Minister,

The appearance of HIV patients who no longer respond to standard drug treatments has alarmed virologists and HIV specialists, who fear that Australia may be entering a new phase in its battle against

A British scientist launches the first private prosecution against cellphone manufacturers, marshalling expert witnesses to warn that heavy use can cause cancer. Cellphone users were being kept

Glaxo India has acquired the licensing rights to develop and take to the market a new long acting rifampicin molecule from an Italian pharmaceutical company. Rifampicin is the bulk drug that goes

The Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA) has cautioned the government against the serious implications of ushering in the new product patent regime without adequate and effective

The tiniest and most innocuous touch even the cool breeze of an air-conditioned roon can cause terrible sensations to those suffering from chronic pain. Discoveries about pain and its routes

Duggal : The Municipal Commissioner, Mr V K Duggal, today claimed that recent reports of dengue deaths were "conclusively brought on record " and there was no cause for panic among the general