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Studies by the developed nations show that greening the environment can help patients recover faster, Health Minister of Malaysia Datuk Chua Jui Meng said yesterday. He said a

According to the American Medical Paediatric Association, after the age of 50, the incidence of problems like hammer toes, bunions, arthritis in the foot and ankle and toenail abnormalities increases

People whose asthma kicks up when they exercise often have trouble finding the right type of treatment. But two new studies conducted by US scientists could help doctors more effectively control this

A new book by Sandra Steingraber 'Living Downstream: An Ecologist Looks at Cancer and the Environment' says 90-95% of cancer is an epidemic of the industrial era due to environmental contamination

The National Cardiovascular Center in Japan said it has developed the world's first endoscope small and flexible enough to be inserted into the heart of an infant, providing a three-dimensional view

The U.S. Senate, opening a new front in the antitobacco wars, endorsed a statutory, no-smoking standard not only for U.S. airlines but also for foreign carriers operating flights into the

The battle for reform of the US healthcare system will intensify this week as a group of senators put forward proposals to extend the range of coverage patients receive from healthcare providers. The

New research on demographics suggests that changes in mortality and fertility rates help explain a big part of Asia's growth miracle. The study 'Demographic Transitions and Economic Miracles in

Though more than 20 Non-Governmental Organisations(NGOs) are working in the health sector in Assam, they failed to play an active role in controlling gastroenteritis, which created havoc in different

An estimated 10 million litres of 'synthetic milk' is produced every day in as many as 16 districts of western Uttar Pradesh, and many retailers are openly supplying this poisonous milk in the city