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THE UPHEAVAL in Canada's forestry sector is shaking many of the biggest companies to their roots. Parent companies, strapped for cash, have stopped supporting subsidiaries that are making losses

France has 58 million people living in 22 regions, 96 departments (counties) and 36,000 municipalities, varying in population size from 100 to 2 million. Two-thirds of the municipalities have less

China's industrial units have become death traps, as entrepreneurs on the run for a quick buck pay little heed to their workers' safety

An American biologist claims that a pregnant woman and her foetus are constantly engaged in a struggle with each other

National political parties are often accused of neglecting the environment. Recently, the Bharatiya Janata Party began campaigning against two new industrial units in Maharashtra and demonstrated how it was able to garner popular support by exploiting gre

EVEN THOUGH the profits are small, miners in search of a quick buck are exploiting coral reefs all over the Indian Ocean, causing immense damage to the marine ecology. The problem is particularly

Nearly a decade after N C Mehta filed a public interest petition for the closure of industrial units in Agra, whose atmospheric pollutants he alleged were damaging the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court

Indian industrialists and scientists want the country"s property rights to be "strengthened", but the powerful drugs industry wants to maintain the status quo

Films on successful technological projects and innovative government schemes have failed simply because there has been no effort to show them to target groups

An Israeli mathematician offers proof of how ants, without a bird's eye view of their terrain, are still able to follow a straight route to food