UltraTech Cement's plant and 75-megawatt (Mw) captive power plant, with an investment of Rs 2,500 crore, have received approval from the expert appraisal committee under the ministry of environment

The Madras High Court Bench here on Tuesday ordered notice to the Secretary of Public Works Department (PWD) and the Director of Department of Geology and Mines on a public interest litigation peti

Filing of a criminal complaint by the Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board against a dyer of Karur marks a critical phase in law enforcement against polluting unit owners and consequently has rattled

The Tamil Nadu pollution control board (TNPCB) officials demolished a dyeing unit in Chellandipalayam locality in Karur district on Tuesday morning as it was found to be running without a treatment

Order of the National Green Tribunal in the matter of Dr SK Palanivelu Mohanur Road Vs The Member Secretary Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board & Others regarding grant of consent for the existing quarry and crusher unit in Nagampalli Village, Aravakurichi Taluk, Karur District dated 03/09/2013.

Farmers of Punnam happy over decision to drop dyeing park plan

The public of Punnam are ecstatic at the shelving of the plan to establish an integrated dyeing park in their neighbourhood. At the same time, home textile exporters and professional dyers in the town are dejected that their painstaking effort, kept under wraps for a long time, to establish the facility has come to a naught.

The public hearing for the first phase of Ultratech's proposed cement plant in Tamil Nadu on Thursday appeared to be a stage-managed event. Officials and police at the event did not allow a volunteer from Delhi-based non-profit Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), Senthil, to film the proceedings. He was detained at the venue and his cassette was snatched away.

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A Public Interest Litigation has been filed at the Madras High Court bench here to curb alleged illegal sand quarrying activities in Karur district.

The units have sunk open wells on the Amaravathy riverbed; the activity has been going on unchecked

Many dyeing units in Karur have been illegally siphoning off groundwater from the parched Amaravathy riverbed. The unlawful activity has been going on unchecked under the very nose of the officials. Scores of dyeing units are situated at Sellandipalayam, Sukkaliyur and Rayanur on the southern banks of the river in Karur. Though a ban is in place on operating dyeing units without zero liquid discharge systems, many units are operating on the sly. The officials have taken token action against some units but many continue to operate unimpeded in the region.

Relief to be disbursed immediately through PAC societies.