It would be foolhardy to try and enslave the rivers of Bihar. The Ganga, the Kosi, the Baghmati, the Gandak and the Kamla Balan

In 1855, the British government decided to embank the Damodar river in order to prevent flooding. With the construction of watertight embankments on the Damodar, the flood control picture started

Corruption is not confined to earthworks and flood control measures alone. It is all over and all embracing. Many politicians today face charges of corruption in Bihar. The names of a few are given

The corrupt are blind to the plight of the poor and to the criminalisation of society

Jagadanand Singh , minister for water resources, Bihar, is a strong supporter of the theory that a dam should be built in Nepal to control the floods. He also feels that flood control measures undertaken in the state are

This is not a story about floods in Bihar. This is a story about how an entire society has been corrupted by money meant to build embankments for flood control. A lesson that poor environmental management, especially one which

The Kosi river Bihar s sorrow floods every year. But embankments built to control the floods have, in turn, made life miserable for the thousands of poor people living along the river s banks

Thousands of people in Bihar are trapped between the Kosi and its embankments. They have been suffering for decades. But the state government is still blind to their plight

The most devastating feature of Kosi, Bihar's sorrow, has been its ruthless course shifts. In the last 200 years, it has moved westwards by as much as 110 km averaging some 0.5 km every year. Up to