The West Bengal government on Thursday promulgated an ordinance to re-acquire 400 acres of the 997-acre land at Singur leased out to the Tatas for the Nano project in March 2007.
The ordinance enables Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to keep a three-yearold promise she had made to Singur

Lucknow Indian Railways has agreed to fall in line with the Uttar Pradesh government

In an attempt to send a soothing message to farmers who are angry over arbitrary compensation for their lands and no hearing, the UP government is likely to announce setting up of an authority to hear disputes regarding compensation at the

This Report of the Standing Committee deals with Action Taken by the Government on the Observations/Recommendations contained in the Thirty-fifth Report (Fourteenth Lok Sabha) of the Standing Committee on Coal and Steel (2008-09) on `Rehabilitation and Resettlement by Coal India Limited? of the Ministry of Coal which was presented to Lok Sabha/ Laid in Rajya Sabha on 21.10.2008.

Amendments to the Land Acquisition Act, which took centrestage post-Nandigram agitation, are again under the spotlight due to recent protests by Uttar Pradesh farmers.

Coimbatore: The Coimbatore Consumer and Multi Service Organisation has urged the Union Law Commission to bring in land owner-friendly amendments to the Land Acquisition Act of 1894.