there have been renewed demands in Japan for the recall of a shipment of plutonium from the uk following a damning report by the British Nuclear Fuels ( bnfl ). Japan's ministry of

Plutonium is one of the most

A lot of effort has gone into programming Cassini, the last of the bigger spaceships produced by NASA. But the mission is unlike others in that the probe is hardwired to study one planet, yet flexible enough to counter the unexpected

The technical wizardry that has gone into programming the probe will be put to the test in the most crucial post launch event placing Cassini in orbit around Saturn

Cosmos 954, Skylab and other accidents

The formation of belts around planets

If neutrinos have mass, one of the biggest mysteries of cosmology may be solved

IT is now clear that concern for environment is last on the agenda of the Hyderabad-based Nuclear Fuel Complex (NFC). Brushing aside the advice of three successive expert committees, NFC has

UKRAINE, in a bid to develop its own nuclear fuel industry, is going all out to attract foreign investment worth about US $1 billion for a 15-year project. At present, the former Soviet republic has

Japan and Germany have welcomed the go ahead for Britain's Thorp nuclear reprocessing plant, but opponents feel it will lead to nuclear proliferation.