on august 3, 2007, India and the us declared a bilateral agreement on full civil nuclear energy cooperation after two years of tortuous negotiation. Nuclear energy propagators cheered, sensing a

Officials from India and Pakistan recently signed an agreement on "reducing the risk from accidents relating to nuclear weapons'. The pact, signed in the presence of foreign ministers Pranab

AT a meeting at the Koodankulam Nuclear Power Project site in Tamil Nadu, President A P J Abdul Kalam held up nuclear energy as a key agency for achieving energy security. According to The Hindu of

A new U.S. government analysis has found that the plutonium at the heart of the country's nearly 10,000 stockpiled nuclear weapons could last twice as long as previously thought. That conclusion is likely to escalate the debate over the Bush Administration's campaign to build a new generation of weapons.

Nuclear power in India: Failed past, dubious future - Presentation by M V Ramana.

Fuel yourself with a glass of milk! This might well be the tagline of an advertisement for a range of packaged milk brands in Texas, us . Only, there would be an acrid tinge to it. High levels of

US nuclear waste disposed of inappropriately

Over the next 50 years, unless patterns change dramatically, energy production and use will contribute to global warming through largescale greenhouse gas emissions

Regional gravity and magnetic surveys were carried out over the Archaeoan-Proterozoic Crystallines of Betul district, Madhya Pradesh covering an area of 130 sq.km. Uranium mineralization in the area is hoted by the graphitic schist unit of older metasediments of Sonaghati and Junawani areas.

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the R ussian parliament has approved three controversial bills allowing the import of dangerous nuclear waste. As per the bills, Russia would earn more than us $1,000 for each kilogramme to