Are the recent accidents at the Tarapur nuclear facility early warnings of a catastrophe in the making?

THE chairperson of the Atomic Energy Regulation Board (AERB), A Gopalakrishnan, has urged the media and public to take a sensible view of the accidental leak of radioactive waste from the Waste

The recent radioactive water leak in Tarapur has caused a furore and caught the authorities by their neck

European countries are trying to nuke a proposed Slovakian nuclear facility

The recent recovery of stolen uranium points to the need for better security arrangements at nuclear installations

An elated India is elected chairpersons of the International Atomic Energy Agency's board of governors and the organisation's member nations agree to strengthen security around nuclear plants

"India's nuclear programme today is a dangerous failure." That was the opinion that emerged during Sixty Minutes, a programme telecast by the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) of USA in February.

The administrators of India's nuclear establishments have always maintained that safety standards in their plants are stringent and strictly observed and do not require evaluations by external

CLAIMING that the Chernobyl nuclear power plant had become one of the safest in the world because of the safety measures that have been introduced since the 1986 explosion, Ukraine energy minister

When the turbine generator unit of the Narora atomic power plant caught fire on March 31, the department of atomic energy was quick to boast about the efficient working of the plant's